Sunday, September 30, 2007

ren's window

ok, here it is. after detroit this morning, for which I left yesterday, I am now in kentucky and won't see my sewing machine for several weeks. this thing isn't yet quilted or embellished; I expect to have trees and fences going up the hills and a flower box below the window, maybe. I think my greens are too close in tone, but that could be remedied with stitching. anyway, it's now out there. I'm looking forward to critiques!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Challenge 13

Challenge #13 (2nd Year Challenge # 1) - Friday, 28 September 2007

Guest Hostess – Roberta Ranney

Theme or Technique - Architecture

Create a quilt representing your house or another house or building that
made an impression on you. The house may be the house of your dreams (or
nightmares). Your quilt may be realistic or abstract.

Design Concept - Depth
Some of the ways to create depth in your work are (1) use of shadows, (2)
lines converging in the distance, (3) elements decreasing in size in the
distance or (4) use of color to bring some elements closer and others to

Discussion - The following is included for informational purposes only:

An essay on depth:

Examples of quilts with houses/architecture:

Due - Saturday, Noon EST, 6 October 2007 (but late postings are accepted)

One final requirement - HAVE FUN WITH THIS!

FYI: Your challenge piece could fit the call for entries for the 2009 Quilting Arts Magazine Calendar! The size must be 12” x 12" and the piece must have used some type of embellishment or surface design. Check out the details HERE!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


My newly up-dated, up-embellished, up-beaded piece.

Personally, I think it looks good. But I need your comments.

I would like to submit this to a juried show. Yes, I like it that much.

With your help, I think it hasa chance.


The Calm of Night

Only two weeks late...not too bad...LOL

This little piece (11x15 including borders) was done needle felting by hand, not machine.

I didn't draw any pattern or sketch, just went for it putting down whatever felt good.

After the felting, I backed the piece with stabilizer and thread painted/quilted it.

These are both techniques I have barely tried in the past so wanted to play with them. I know I definitely need alot of practice to get it right, especially the thread painting...but I had alot of fun doing it. I mounted it on a piece of mauve sueded pigskin.

As always, I welcome critiques and comments


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fish Tank, ~17"x22"

This piece uses only satin plus some Angelina fiber as embellishment. I wanted to re-visit the technique I used in the single-fabric challenge where I used all gray satin with a fairly thick layer of batting, but this turned out much different, in part of course because I used multiple colors. I chose some of the fancier stitches from my new sewing machine to add seaweed, and free motion quilting to add more wave texture. The treasure chest and castle were added at my husband's suggestion, though I had originally intended it to be an underwater ocean scene. The wavy shape was in part because I did not have enough fabric to fill in the rectangle, but then again, I like getting away from a strict rectangle in my pieces.

I may add a bit of beading to the pirate chest, and some random beads for bubbles, but I'm not sure about that.


This small piece (12" square) started as an experiment with some watercolors. I painted them on the fabric and thought it was attractive. I was bored and needed something to quilt so proceeded to quilt the piece heavily. Then I took a beading class a few days ago and decided to use some beads to emphasize the different areas of the piece. My work is rarely abstract so this is a departure for me.
As much as I don't care for beading (kind of like watching paint dry) I'm going to add some more to this piece because it seems unfinished. Any beading advice would be appreciated. Thanks for looking.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Poppies of France

My Poppies of France is up... a little late. But, I did get an early start! [smile]I had a lot of fun with this one. I used four different fabrics for the background, cut them into large rectangles, mixed them up and sewed them back together. Then I took my rotary cutter and cut into wavy stips free hand. Next, I laid them out, wove them together on batting,overlaid with tulle and had fun with some free motion quilting. I used some copper netting [coarse] cut on the diagonal for a grid, added the silk flower poppies. I used velvet and a brad on the silk flowers. At that point I sent it in. Cynthia suggested more poppies..clumping... stems.... I did that and added leaves. The additional poppies are free hand cut from felt, as are the centers. again, brads [yellow] and I used Tsukineko ink for the black 'blush' around the centers. Bound it in black.
BTW it is straight on all sides, but since my move and no sewing room, I am using a door with some flannel and have yet to work out the irregularities. I am a 'straight-freak' and make it a must 'learn how to' do when I teach. Pictures sure are another matter.I will look forward to comments.