Tuesday, January 29, 2008

IN THE ZONE my personal nirvana

In viewing pictures posted so far I see that almost all are abstract. I'm afraid I am hopelessly literal and representational...LOL.

Although I was really nervous about the concept of a self portrait in the beginning, this was a super fun quilt to make! Thanks for the challenge (and the push) Carole!

I began with a rough pencil sketch, had it blown up, and went from there.

Favorite techniques used...freeform cutting and fusing; beading; using ALL kinds of fabrics etc. and just generally letting go and playing. Thus "In The Zone" my own personal nirvana!

This quilt is considerably larger than my past challenges at 21" by 29". I haven't finished the edges yet. Any suggestions?

As always, comments and critiques welcome!...Cherie


Cathy ~o said...

I love this Cherie! It's funny cause I just signed on and was wondering what to make for my self, I was thinking hmm..maybe I will make me making something..LOL! Which is why I love yours so much,, it is so ME..! All the little details are wonderful, the dresser, pincushion, rug, wallpaper, your jeans :-) everything!

Carole said...

Cherie, it is had to believe this is not a photograph. My you did a good job on this. There are so many ways to portray oneself...
great job.... love the details.

anna k. said...

Cheri, this is so perfectly done. I love all the details and touches that make it so realistic.
Anna K

Betty Donahue said...

This is great. I had to really study it to be sure someone hadn't taken a picture of you working on a picture.

Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Cherie, I'll echo what the others said....nicely done and so evocative of you and your work! It's well composed, good color and value contrast and that punch of orange on the lower right is just perfect.

Linda Cline said...

This is similar to one of my first ideas also (a backview of myself working on an unfinished portrait, or me working behind a sewing machine). I decided instead to do a simple straight on portrait. I like the narrative quality to your quilt. And the quilt-in-the-quilt that your are working on is great too. Do you have a similar quilt on your design wall now?

Cherie in Del Mar said...

Thanks for all your wonderful comments everyone!
Linda...The "quilt in the quilt" is part of a project started in a workshop "reflections". I probably would never have finished it,so used it this way instead. I do however intend to use the idea in a future work.

I have now bound the quilt to make it appear to be framed.

brendaj said...

Hi Cherie,

This is really great. Even your socks look fuzzy! And the basket of fabrics looks so real. I love the quilt on the wall, too. Really nice job.


Cay Denise said...

Hi Cherie,

I really like the representational nature of this piece. It looks like you had a blast with it!

What I particularly like is your choice of fabrics to create line (e.g. in walls, in carpet, drawers in furniture, hair) and the fabric swatches.

The part that mystifies me is how you did the watercolor-looking quilt on the wall. That's amazing! It truly looks like you did a watercolor painting. Did you?

It is really fun to see projects like yours that one can imagine entering into and/or being there.