Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Create Your Own Zwinky

The spam that piqued my interest was titled “Create your own Zwinky. Well the word CREATE got my attention right away, and then the problem became “What is a Zwinky?”. My good friend Mr. Google helped me out and led me to none other than Zwinky.com . Wow there is a whole world of Zwinky’s out there. A Zwinky is a cyber doll they call an avatar. This doll can be your icon or represent you in the online community. This website hosts an array of items to help you create and dress your own cyber doll. So I have spent WAY too much time creating first a cyber doll, buying clothes for her and getting accessories for her. You can take your Zwinky to a place called “Zwinktopia” where you may go into the Zwinchester hotel, the Java Jolt Café or a host of other cool places where you can talk to other people, and play games such as “Pizza Pitch” or “Zwinkoids” to earn Zbucks. With the Zbucks you can buy cool clothes and accessories at the various stores in Zwinktopia. If you don’t want to spend a whole lot of time earning Zbucks you can actually go to Target and buy (with real money) a code to give you thousand of Zbucks for the game.

Here is the Zwinky that I created – I have created her own clothes instead of spending HOURS on the computer to earn cooler clothes. I hope you like her, I named her “trendy Zwendy. She gave me a difficult time as she has quite an attitude and kept insisting on more “bling”. She is still pouting and has been sent to her room. She was a lot of fun.


Betty Donahue said...

My little Zwonko is very pround to have Trendy Zwendy as a sister.

Betty Donahue said...

I'm embarrassed. I see I spelled "proud" wrong in my previous message.

Cay Denise said...

Joni, Zwendy is adorable! She comes across with attitude, too. I love her hotpants, big blue eyes and her jewelry. You've done a really nice job also using stitching to suggest manufactured items e.g. the material of her shoes!