Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I haven't done a self portrait before, even though I appreciated the ones I saw in quilting Art and elsewhere. Basically, the style most of them were done in would not be ME at all, so I didn't feel tempted to be involved. So, I needed to think outside that box, and do something in my own style.
But besides that, like some have said, it was also hard to settle on which ME to represent! I am made up of so many bits, it seems!

At the last, I took to heart what one of the ladies said about just starting, and seeing what would come. First I pulled out fabrics, like I usually do. I had been strongly thinking about the idea of words, so I decided to use a page or so from some books I had "rescued". When I started looking through the books, I found a wonderful drawing end paper, which is from one of the Everyman Books. I painted the swirls in the line drawing, and touched up the lines, etc with gold gel pen. What with other bits and pieces of dyed lace and ribbons and fancy machine stitches, I have come up with something that is quite in my style, using my familiar collage of paper and fabric.

The lady is made up of a page talking about Hampton Court, because a lot of my work is inspired by that period, however, she is dressed up in fancy clothes, reflecting the bespoke garments I make for others, and never seem to get to make for me! She is juggling, since I sometimes feel that is what I do with all my responsibilities. the bits of words at the top are from a book about how to write letters (from 1954!) I guess they often felt overwhelmed by responsibility, since the lady is trying to get out of helping in someone else's event. the words highlighted are "...am so very busy these days...demands...my work and family obligations...really difficult...take in any more...neglecting somebody or something else...busy woman...I wish you success..." Feels like me!

Sandy in the UK


anna k. said...

Sandy, i do like your collage very much.
The colors so soft and gentle. I like the embellishments that you have added.
Great piece

Carole said...

Sandy, I am so glad you did 'just start'... and the finish is lovely. I echo the words above. This challenge really brought out the 'me', not necessarily the 'face' of the self-portrait.
Thank you too, for sharing the techniques, which was another part of the challenge.

Cay Denise said...

Hi Sandy in the UK,

Your piece overall has an Art Nouveau feel to it probably because of the image in the upper left (curved line work).

Your color choices are very soothing and the gold pen work adds richness to the piece.

I know what you mean about the difficulty in decidung what 'ME' to represent. I've done four self-portraits so far...all totally different. By no means does any one of them represent the breadth of who I feel I am. I'm not sure that a person could accomplish that in a single self-portrait piece.