Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spam by Ann Morrell

I really thought that I wouldn't find just the right SPAM message. I fell in love with oodles of them...but just couldn't come up with an image that I felt I could really get into....until I came across:

From Now On Your Small Breasts Need Not Be The Cause Of Your Embarrassment.

After seeing this...I got my image and also got the image of the product that they might be trying to sell.

My camera is on it's last hurrah...and is slowly dying so sorry about the picture quality.

Can you locate that magic product that might make those breasts increase in size?

Here's a hint:

That's right...Little Blue Boob Chicken Feed.

This was a fun challenge.


Betty Donahue said...

Fun, fun, fun.

Joni said...

What a Hoot! or should I say "Cluck". This is a really fun quilt. I like the way the "before" chicken really looks embarressed and the "after" one is so proud of her new boobs. I wonder if she realizes that she is now a premium chick and might be in high demand for her chicken nugget potential. You really had a good time with this one. Joni

Cay Denise said...

Ann, what a whimsical interpretation of the spam message! I wish I could see the close-up of the image, but it wouldn't work. It does look like you had a blast with this! Your chickens' facial expressions are great! What a hoot...this piece is very fun to look at!