Wednesday, March 05, 2008

1 Day Trial?

I didn't have much Spam that brought word pictures to mind. However, I had the idea to use the whole concept of receiving Spam. Then I got one suggesting a 1 day trial of a CD. I am sure many would agree, Spam is more than a one day trial! I used junk mail to cut words which would be similar to those in Spam (similar annoyance!) One piece of junk mail happened to have the computer. I over painted the screen, and placed some of the images from the junk mail onto it instead. I also printed out "only 1 day trial!" in a starburst shape. Then to allude to the dangers of the Spam, I also printed "Mwahahaha!" in a thought bubble which goes off stage, so to speak.

For the background, I used letters on my sewing machine to sew the word Spam onto paper. (The paper was actually a photo copy of vintage adverts from a 1939 newspaper with similar claims to Spam and junk mail, but after the treatment, they didn't show up.) After stitching, the piece was soaked in coffee, and then most of the paper rubbed off. The result helps to beging building up the layers.

When I had laid out the bits of paper, I fused a thin layer of sheer papery stuff over everything which held it all in place. Then I stitched a few more of the words "Spam" to bring more colour and to tie the whole together.

It is not a master piece, but it has been an interesting excercise.

Sandy in the UK

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Cay Denise said...


Your background treatment is really interesting in this piece! There is a nice sense of texture especially with the stitched letters.

Cay Denise