Monday, March 31, 2008

Cosmic Whirlpool

I don't often do abstract but this challenge seemed to call for it. The fabrics are all leftovers from various clothing projects and include velvets, rayon, polyester blends and even some cotton. The wire ribbon is off my Christmas present from my SIL. The beads and sequins are from my "loose stuff" jar and the driftwood is ancient juniper from my yard. The large silver starfish is a souvenir from my one trip to IQF in Houston in 2004.
The entire piece without the sticky out parts is about 24" in diameter.


Joni said...

This piece is absolutely breathtaking. I love the way you brought in the driftwood, and the way the ribbon just flows along. Wonderful work! Joni

Wendy said...

I love love love this quilt! It just flows and grows.... it's almost an eye peering out at the viewer, with the juniper branch for an inquisitive eyebrown and perhaps a ribbon of tears... fabulous, Kathy!

Anonymous said...

Last month I read about a great whirlpool of plastic garbage bags out in the Pacific. So I think it is an intriguing coincidence you used whirlpool in your title. You have made a beautiful, thought provoking piece.

Carole said...

Penny Sue says it....'thought provoking'. This is another one I would like to get close to, to 'really' see it, as in person.
I like it a lot.