Sunday, March 30, 2008

Making Tracks

I just happened to have some Easter egg foil laying on my table, and as I had experimented with it before, thought I might try some more. I dug into my stash of chocolate foils, and started to play. The inner layer was sew-in interfacing. I also found a piece left from the previous experiments, so that got added to the layout. The 2 chicks seemed to want to go into the picture, so they did. I decided to lay a piece of bridal tulle on top, (left from some work for a wedding). In previous experiments, I sewed directly on the foil, but when using machine patterns, the foot made train tracks. the tulle knocked the shine back a bit, and when I stitched it, helped it from getting the extra marks.

The piece from before already had some stitching on it, so when I started stitching round the shapes, I decided to go with at least one of the patterns; a more complicated feather stitch. It was serendipity since they look like little bird footprints! So, I carried on with this throughout.

I sewed round all the shapes, but the birds. Then I cut a piece from a silvery coloured plastic shop bag for the backing. I went round the birds, and then more of the shapes, and then decided to go for broke and try some quilting. I also edged it with a sort of satin stitch, but it didn't work as well as on fabric.

Along the way, I decided it had to be called "Making Tracks"!


Wendy said...

Sandy... candy wrappers! The foil is awesome, really gives this piece sparkle! I thought immediately of Peeps! Great piece for spring!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Making Tracks is a great title, the piece ebokes tracks.
Great way to use up those UFO's.
The bright color of the chicks brings it all to life.

Anonymous said...

This has an old fashioned look to me, like art from the 1920's. Really creative use of foils.

Carole said...

Aw, if this isn't just the cutest.
You really used those foils to advantage, and the chicks just had to be!!
Well done,