Saturday, March 29, 2008

Window Wonder

This piece is "painted" using recycled clean-up paper towels from my fabric painting sessions.

I have included a picture of the picture in progress, along with the 'pallet'. I tore the shapes freehand and placed them on the painting, lightly glueing the very edges as I went along.

The pieces blend into each other seamlessly and look like all one piece...amazingly fun!

This was so interesting and fun to do, I will absolutely do this technique again!

Comments welcomed (and appreciated!) as always...Cherie


Betty Donahue said...

Ohhhh - that is pretty. Something else I would like to try some time.


Carole said...

Very effective......looks 'watercolor'

Kathy Angel Lee said...

Don't you just love those "rags" we use to wipe up paint. They often end up being my favorite piece at the end of a painting day. Quilting the diamonds to make a window completes this perfectly.

Wendy said...

Cherie, I thought you had painted the whole cloth when I first saw this, thanks for posting a pix of the process... I once made a quilt of butterflies out of the paint rags used by an artist friend for her airbrushing... never underestimate the power of the discards! It's almost a Van Gogh! Beautiful scene!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a peek at your process. I like seeing how things are made. Very creative use of rags!

Katieinnebraska said...

Paper towels? What a great example of using what's on hand. You've made a very cool landscape.