Thursday, May 22, 2008

Challenge #21 - Deconstruction

Challenge # 21 – Friday, May 23, 2008

Guest Hostess – Linda Cline

Theme or Technique – Deconstruction

Design Concept – Your Choice

--- Design and complete a small work by following the steps outlined below:
Part 1
· Complete a quilt top using piecing, appliqué, painting, or any other technique of your preference. Keep it simple and don’t agonize over it (you will be cutting it up and making it more abstract in a later step). Your quilt top may be representational, abstract, or traditional. Do not quilt your top yet. You may skip this step if you have a UFO you would like to resurrect and sacrifice for the challenge.
· Take a photo of your quilt top before you begin the next step. Do not post your photo until you have completed your quilt.
Part 2
· Consider the Principles of Design: Balance, Rhythm, Contrast, . . . Decided if there are weaknesses in your design that you would like to address as you proceed with step two.
· Now the fun part. You must be bold and fearless. Attack your quilt top with a rotary cutter or a pair of scissors. Cut it into slices, squares, or other shapes. Make your cuts straight or curved. Make as many pieces as you would like. You may carefully consider where you want each cut to be, but trust your intuition.
· Re-assemble the quilt using any technique you like.
o You could put it back in the same order but staggered a bit so that the lines of the original composition are broken.
o Or try re-arranging the order of the pieces to create a new composition.
o Try adding other pieces of fabric as you re-assemble the original pieces.
· Layer, quilt, and finish the quilt as you normally do.
· Take a photo of your finished quilt.
· Compare your finished quilt with your “before” photo. Which did you like better? Why? Post your “before” photo with your completed quilt.

Due - Saturday, Noon EST May 31, 2008

One final requirement - HAVE FUN WITH THIS!

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