Saturday, May 03, 2008


I decided to try something different this time around, did this all last night, using some jean scraps, as you can see she is a quilter, has a tote bag full of UFOS, they are all quilted, just need the bindings :-), as she waits for the bus, she works on another quilt, when you look at the detail photos you will see that she also loves to do needlepoint. This was a lot of fun to make, I know she isn't perfect by any means, but for a first attempt I think she is pretty good!

detail of her recent quilt

her tote bag filled with quilts

the thread she is using now, along with another of her projects, a Home Sweet Home needlepoint in a hoop


Joni said...

I think your little quilter doll is adorable. She shares my distaste for doing binding and I'll bet she likes to collect fabric too. Great job! How big is she? Does she have a name?

Carole said...

So sweet, does she sit in your sewing room/area?
A nice 'mascot'.......
well done ... and lots of ork