Friday, May 02, 2008

ren's red crows

Red Crows
5.25 inches high x 11 inches wide

Well, here it is, unfinished but you get the idea. The fabrics are indeed denims, just not the traditional heavy blue stuff. I decided to stamp on the lighter stuff, much like I did for the art apron I had made from a set of overalls, according to instructions in one of the last Cloth, Paper, Scissors issues. These crows are a part of a larger hunk of denims; I was thinking of making postcards. Don't know if that will happen from the rest. Ah, well. This challenge is done. Looking forward to the next!


LAQuilts said...

Now you given me a reason to check out Cloth Paper Scissors. The shadow on the crows is way too cool. How did you do it.

My only comment is the blue and white are almost the same width - it might be more stimulating with two different widths.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

Love those crows...there is so much motion.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Love the piece, and the shadows are so subtle, but the first thing I noticed. Using red for the crows really makes the piece 'zing'!

ren said...

Thanks for the feedback.
Yes, the blue and white are the same width and I will change that if I decide to do anything else at all with this piece.
The shadows: first I stamped the crows with a red ink; then I stamped them again, offset, witha greyish ink. I didn't really know what to expect when I did this, but it sure worked.

Katieinnebraska said...

I agree, the shadows of of the crows are a neat touch! I especially like the shadow that stepped out of line. Great piece!

Carole said...

It is all about the crows....
they are wonderful....all in a row,very pleasing.
And, thank you for the explanation as to how you did it. Now I am wondering, did you make your own stamp? I ask, because I have never seen a crow stamp.

ren said...

Crow stamps are hard to find. I keep looking and this is the only one I've found. I could have cut it, I suppose, but hadn't thought of that when I went looking for it. And found it :)


Betty Donahue said...

Neat!! The shadows really make it hum.