Tuesday, September 30, 2008


commercial and hand dyed cottons
My plan is to do a series of abstracts since my work almost always is quasi-realistic. As you can see I couldn't leave the abstract piece alone and turned it into a background for a tree and crow. Maybe abstract just isn't in me! But I'm going to keep trying until I made something none of us can identify as a tree or animal. As always, I had a grand time quilting the piece. I just received a sample pack of variegated threads from Superior and they behaved beautifully.
I will appreciate any comments. Thanks.

Spirit Renewed

My series for this challenge – and a few of the next ones will be based on the concept of “spirit”. I like to draw abstract images, and thought I would try to capture rather abstract concepts in this series. My sketch was made before the challenge was announced, but that was a very good thing, since I just had until today to complete the piece as we are packing for a trip tomorrow. I chose to use the vertical orientation and the color scheme of yellow-orange/ purple-violet. I’ve been going broke on fusible webbing lately so I have tried to develop a method of getting what I want – free flowing designs, without fusing. I made my design on freezer paper labeled it and cut out the pieces. Then I ironed the cut pieces onto fabrics that I intended to use. Leaving a liberal seam allowance I cut out the fabric pieces. Using the batting as my background I just raw edge pieced them into place. After trimming the fabric to the stitch line I used machine embroidery to give a finished look to the piece. My piece is now partially quilted, I added the backing and proceeded to add detail quilting which is not yet finished in this piece. I hope to add the remaining quilting, some embellishment and the binding (a dark purple) to the quilt when we get back from our trip. The quilt measures 20” x 31.5”. I would love to hear any ideas on embellishments for this quilt (a weak point for me). I have been amazed at the depth of really good work coming out of this group on this challenge especially – we really ought to have a FFFC show.

Monday, September 29, 2008


The theme for my series is "Simplify". I am trying to do this on so many levels. One thing I found over the last year of challenges was that my ideas were often too complicated to achieve a finished project in a week. So for this series I decided to depict everyday objects in an abstracted or simplified manner. I am trying to get back to basics and concentrate on shape, movement, techniques, machine quilting and, of course, color. This piece is called "zipper" and it is a diagonal emphasis in a yellow-green: purple-red color scheme. It was a lot of fun to make. My original intention was to use an actual zipper in the center but I didn't have one in my stash that would work. Just driving to the store to get something is not an option in the remote area where I live so I looked for alternative solutions. I found a piece of painted aluminum chain that reminded me of a metal zipper so I used that. The two sides of the quilt were each constructed, quilted and finished separately and then connected by hand sewing the chain in the middle.
The purplish zipper is needle turn applique and the background is pieced.

"Pueblos Bonitos"

I have chosen to do 'shapes' for my series. A couple of years ago Idid a series of postcards using shapes as the theme. I've always intended to do a real series...now is my chance :)

For this challenge I am using squares..."Pueblos Bonitos"...

My complimentary colors are orange-yellow and blue (as on JoenWolfrom's color cards #11 and #23).

My quilt is mainly horizontal, with a little diagonal thrown in. The background is organza fused over hand dyed cotton then randomly cut and pieced back together with two different colored hand dyed strips inserted. The squares are cotton with organza and chiffon overlays. Variegated rayon threads.

Comments welcomed :) as always


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rhoda Ch#25

I have my right hand in a cast for another month...so no new work...but my series will be women at work and since this piece that Ive donee fits with this months challenge I have decided to use it.
I have used the complimentary colors of orange-blue, have tried to follow the principles of design. I look forward to your comments .
Many of you will recognize this gal.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mossy Delight

So I decided my series is going to be "Branching Out"

I've posted my piece Mossy Delight - I took the yellow-green/red-violet complementary color scheme. I pieced my signature background. Then added a vertical tree - I played around with the tree texture - in the past I've done primarily couched yarn this time I did more fabric pieced tree then added the yarn as an accent with thread work for the branches.

The finished size is 11 1/2 x 19 1/2.

I must admit - it's kind of psychedelic as a tree. Not what one would find in reality. But kind of working on the abstraction rather than a reality. It may be fun to try a few more of the compliments.

In Sunny Seattle

Dreamscape 2....City Limits

My series will be called Dreamscapes. My inspiration was the piece i did for challenge 15; Dreamscape...Moonrise.
I love the full moon and it affects me deeply.
Through this series i want to work through some personal feelings; and some weird dreams.
The piece is bound and quilted.
Any critiques/ suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks for looking.
Anna K.

Hide n Seek

I strayed a tiny bit from the challenge by adding the circle, originally it was just the undersea part, but then the series inspiration struck and this was perfect for the first one, I just needed to add a porthole!
My series is going to be *Through My Windows* and each will use blue and orange somewhere outside the windows.
This is 23x19 and still needs to be quilted

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Challenge # 25

Challenge # 25 - Friday, September 26, 2008

Guest Hostess – Cynthia Ann Morgan

Working in Series: Choose an idea from an art quilt you have completed in the past or start with a new idea. What is the idea, what is intriguing about it, and what do you want to do with it? Brainstorm possibilities with thumbnail sketches or descriptive lists. Choose the one you like the most.

Color Concept: Complementary color scheme is made up of two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.

The complements we think of first because they contain one of the primary colors, red, blue or yellow are:

Purple and Yellow,
Red and Green,
Orange and Blue

But we also have the more sophisticated complementary color combinations using the secondary colors:

Red-violet and Yellow-green,
Red-orange and Blue-green,
Yellow-orange and Blue-violet.

Choose a complementary color scheme to work with on your piece. These will be the main colors. To add depth, richness and interest, be sure to use variations of the color:

different values (light, medium, dark)
shades (blackened color),
tones (grayed color),
tints (pale, whitened color)
pure hues (color without black, gray or white).

It is fine to use some neutrals (black, white, cream, gray or beige), but otherwise try to stick to your main colors.

Composition Concept: Vertical, Horizontal or Diagonal layout

Vertical design is strong (think of a pole), horizontal design is relaxing (think of lying down) while diagonal design is dynamic (think of a river flowing). Choose one for your design layout. If you’re really brave, try a combination.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Clam Cove II

I have wanted to create another piece based on this photo I took while vacationing in New England. Is it too much of a stretch to call this a water garden on a grander scale? Anyway, I've decided to use this photo again. I originally used it as the inspiration photo for the 2004 Grab Bag Challenge.

My initial attempt with this piece was rather lifeless with no focal point. I think I remedied that by adding some very dark fabrics in the foreground and near the horizon.
I have been reminded again how important contrast is to the success of a piece. I seem to be learning this lesson over and over again.

Update September 24, 2008:

I decided to act on the suggestion to add some dark to the water area. I’m not sure about how this affected the balance, but I think it has added some dimension to the middle section and unified it more with the rest of the piece.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Quilt in a Day... I had too

Hi all.. when I heard what the last challenge I had to try it. I have only been a member for a few days but, I think I am going to love this group. I love flowers and love abstract. I did this piece in a hurry I guess just to see if I could.. Now that it is done I can be my worst critique.. The flowers got lost in the background fabric and really don't pop... It was fun to practice my free motion quilting and boy do I need the practice. But, all in all it was just fun to make a smaller quilt.. The quilt is 15x11....thanks.. Laura

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Jeepers Creepers - Reworked

Here's a blast from the past - I reworked my unnamed challenge piece from Challenge 7. I never did finish the first challenge piece - the challenge was to use an unusual piece of fabric. I had used some upholstery fabric. The one comment I had was to put a focal point on it - so I put on a beaded caterpillar that looked more like a centipede. So it sat for well over a year waiting to see what would happen next - after Challenge 21 -deconstruction my answer awaited. So I slashed and slashed some more. The first slash I put in the light brown - but that didn't work so I slashed again with the dark brown. Now I don't hate the piece and have even named it - Jeepers Creepers - finished size 9 x 28 1/2.

Monday, September 01, 2008


I seem to find fuchsias endlessly fascinating. I have taken many, many photos of them and used one of these as an inspiration for this piece. I rarely choose to do anything "abstract" but in the sense that this is not a close replica of the photo and I did lots of editing, this is about as close I get.

I cut the shapes freehand and changed the composition somewhat. I tried to work mostly from scraps from my scrap bin. I fused the shapes to the background using Misty Fuse. I really enjoyed this challenge and the opportunity to work a little looser than I often do.

The main image of my quilt is a scan because I am having trouble getting crisp images with my camera(s). The scanner cut off the borders because this is just a little too large. But I love the edge treatment, so at right, there is a scan of it, too. I inserted a folded purple piece of fabric for a piping effect.

I invite all comments and critiques.