Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fractured Flamingos

I started this quilt with another quilt I was working full moon..I had the moon too big and not enough sky so when I cut out the center of my pink moon I then sewed the blue circle back into the pink little strip and began to slice this piece up out of my stash of flamingo fabric and cut and sewed more circles and strips of blue and flamingo fabrics....cut and sew...cut and sew...and here's my version of Fractured Flamingos!


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Yes, I would say those flamingos are certainly fractured.
Nice job.

Joni said...

Janice, this is really an eye-catcher! I love the deep pink circle arcs, they add a lot of motion to your piece. Your colors really work well together.

Jan said...

This 'accident' really turned out to be a nice piece. The pink arcs stop the sharp angled pieces from taking over and your quilting really adds to this. Nice job!