Thursday, May 27, 2010

Challenge 45: Fabulous Fungus

Challenge 45 – May 2010 Host: Betty Warner

Fungus is fascinating whether it is in the form of mushrooms at the dining table, mushrooms in the woods, or fungi on dead tree branches found on a hike. Sometimes the edges of what we see are sharp and hard, other times, soft and fuzzy. The lack of brilliant color allows us to focus on the interesting shapes and lines. Those of us who were taught not to pick mushrooms because we did not know which would nourish us and which would poison us bring additional emotion and curiosity to the sighting of any fungus. The damp, earthy smell of the places where we find fungi contrasts with the sometimes elegant, rich, spicy aroma of the stuffed mushrooms we devour.

In addition, fungi have a role in the decomposition of organic matter and in nutrient cycling and exchange. Another fungus, yeast, is used in bread, beer, and soy sauce. Fungi has been used in the production of antibiotics. Enzymes produced from fungi have industrial uses.

In my humble opinion, fungus, though just another plant life, deserves some special attention from us.

Theme: Glorious Fungus

Concept: Abstract/Stylized

Color: Complementary or Split Complementary

Techniques: Artist choice. If you would like a suggestion, embellish or manipulate fabric to show dimension.

Images of fungi:
Or Google, images, “kingdom fungi” for some beautiful results
For more than you ever wanted to know about California Fungi,
While there take a look at the ‘Mushrooms in Art’ selection where you will see many listings.
Or Google, images, “fungi pictures” for some more beautiful pictures.

Abstract/Stylized Art:
Non-realistic, simplified or exaggerated
If you look in this glossary you will see a simple definition of both Abstract and Stylized. They are both separate and related concepts.
Here is some info on Abstract art:
More on Stylized:
The Art Nouveau style has many examples of natural objects stylized for decorative purposes.

Complementary or Split Complementary Color Schemes:

Fungus ART links

And some art quilts by Sue Reno

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