Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thank you for choosing Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration for the FFFC. I used disperse dyeing on "faux silk" polyester with just a simple bit of quilting and cropped it digitally. No binding on it yet. I may add another round of quilting between the leaves with a loopy loop in it. Not sure though, seems too frivolous for such a formal design. If I repeat this design on another piece of cloth, I plan to move the very first leaf on the paper pattern so it is more in line. Or I might cut it a little smaller. Refining the design is easy in disperse dyeing. There's a process photo on my blog.

Looking forward to your comments. Feels really good to participate again after sitting out a few months.



fastfriday said...

What a wonderful job of capturing Goldsworthy's style. The dyed background is very rich soft and contrasts well with the harder edged leaves. Ticia

Louise said...

I like the idea of the disperse dying to make this piece. The placement of the leaves spiraling outward adds a lot of movement and draws the eye into and out of the quilt. I agree that adjusting the placement of the first leaf will definitely improve the piece, although I like it very much the way it is. How about echoing the leaf pattern in quilting? Your work is nice.

LAQuilts said...

Well I obviously love your spiral since I did something similar. Your technique is very unique, I'd love to see the second one on a different interesting background.

:Diane said...

Thanks for the comments. Just to clarify, Tricia, the leaves are the only dyed elements. The gold is the original fabric color. See my blog for the process photo of ironing on the leaves that are cut from paper painted with disperse dye.
Blog here

Louise, I have done a sample with echo quilting - I am not as steady handed at FMQ as I would like to be but as long as I am going to do another... I might as well give it a try.


SusanPI said...

Your technique is unique- a bit like looking into the soul. A beautiful spiritual soul.

:Diane said...

Thank you, Susan.