Saturday, August 27, 2011

Textured Photos

For my challenge I textured two photos. I used a photo of a previous Fast Friday challenge photo for one and another Fast Friday photo for the texture on the other one.

I hope they aren't considered things done in the past because I just used them for raw material.
The challenge was the texturing that I did yesterday. I'm just learning how to do that.

You can see the before and after on my Flickr photo stream at or near the top. I have the photos that I used posted as a comment.


Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Very cool, Betty! Did you use Photoshop to manipulate the photos?

Jan said...

I like the back light you've achieved on both pieces. Lovely!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

I thought the challenge was more about mood/atmosphere...and I like the first one. It reminds me of a strong wind blowing on a hot day?
Well done.

Betty Donahue said...

No, Cynthia it wasn't Photo Shop.
It is a free download called Paint.Net version 3.5.8.
I find it much easier to use than Photo Shop. And besides, Photo Shop is on my old computer so it is very inconvenient as well...


Louise said...

Both pieces are nice, but the lighting effect in the second piece really speaks to me. It is so dramatic and evokes a feel of mystery to me. Well done!


Cherie in Del Mar said...

These are both lovely Betty. They certainly are heavy with atmosphere.
I especially like the first feels so restful and calm.