Friday, September 30, 2011

Storm Survival

Trees are just incredible living plants. They with stand all types of weather, droughts, storms, flooding and scorching heat. "Storm Survival" is a tree that has been damaged/ destroyed by the elements, yet it has hope with the re growth of the new leaves that show life. This was created with upholstery remnants, hand dyed roving, the tree is free form knitting. There are three layers of fabric, plus batting. The buttons represent the damage that has fallen to the ground from the storm - The Pineapple Painting Art


Jan said...

So many different textures used! I like the way you took the minute colors in the pineapple and used them more strongly in your piece.

Pam Harris said...

Very nice piece! You did a great job in drawing in the colors from the pineapple and using so many interesting textures.

Louise said...

This is a really fun piece! One would think that a pineapple is all earth tones, but mother nature has more to say to us. I love how you went below the surface and found all the wonderful hidden colors and then your interpretation is so very interesting. All the different techniques which you used coupled with the dimension and texture just makes me want to get a closer look. Job well done!