Saturday, December 31, 2011

Winter Storm

The snow is batting and the sleet is metallic thread

19-3/4" x 17-3/4"

Friday, December 30, 2011

Wind Blown

12 X 16

We have had a series of storms accompanied by high winds that blew the snow onto the vertical surface of the fence.

Snow is cheesecloth that was washed in a lingerie bag. Fence posts are the repetition. The background surrounding the quilt is carpeting and not part of the quilt. I should have hung it on the wall.

Thanks Tobi for an interesting challenge. I hear there are some interesting ice formations at one of the marshes in town so plan a trip to check them out for future inspiration.

Comments or suggestions appreciated.
Pam Harris

How Many Wannabee Snowbirds Are There?

Certainly not the snowwoman who is tired of shoveling the snow but fears she may end up like the melting snowman.
Answer: just one...The bird with the scarf represents me..I am the winter wannabe escapee ...   
The quilt was designed with Make the Cut software and  cut with my digital cutter.

Desert Sunset

My son lives in the high desert of Utah. He took a photo on his way home from work and sent it to me to use for this dramatic sky. The roads there are really this deserted alot of the time.
This measures 30x23. The sky is painted, overlayed with an orange sheer and quilted. The rest is pieced and quilted. It was a good lesson on perspective s well as weather. Thanks Tobi.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here Comes the Rain

Finally I've finished a challenge on time.  Actually I have quite a few challenges I haven't yet posted so better catch up.

Here Comes the Rain, since I do live in Seattle,  it has been cold and rainy this week, I figured I had to do rain.  It's a very abstract rain piece about 9 x 16 inches.  The repetition is the linear rain lines.

My new years resolution is to do every challenge, or at the very least get in to comment.

In dark and raining Seattle


For Snowy Night I choose a black piece of fabric, and used bleach to draw trees. The trees were then stitched using various threads, and quilted. Snowflake beads were added last. Size 17" x 21".

Thanks, Tobi, for this fun challenge, and thank you all for commenting. I have missed the last few challenges due to having company and then a shoulder injury. I am getting back to normal now, and hope to catch up on some past challenges.

LindaMac in WY

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This is a photo I took through my RV window as we drove by. It was just starting to sprinkle and it looked sort of surreal. I am fascinated by these wind turbines. I think they're graceful and beautiful, and so useful too!

It measures 17"x2o"

This was a fun challenge...thanks Tobi!

Comments are appreciated

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Winter from the Window

16" x 20"

6/4/12 -- This piece just won Third Prize in the Framingham Artists Guild art show!

While I am thrilled that this piece actually came together so fast, I admit to being embarrassed to post first, since I am this month's host. Yet I swear, I did absolutely no planning of this before Friday! On reading the actual challenge post, my eyes hit the "look out the window" line (a late addition to my write-up of the challenge) and that was my starting point; it had to be a view from a window.

It's an imagined view. The trees are made from black yarn with eyelash yarn for the twiggy ends and the "repetition" part of the challenge. There is a bit of leafy silver on white tulle in the lower part of the window. A layer of white tulle serves as "glass" to slightly mute the scene and add a more wintry touch, and my husband insisted I needed to add cross bars to indicate window panes.

I welcome your comments, and hope you enjoy this challenge.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Challenge 64 - Weather

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge #64                           Due: 12/31/11
Whether the Weather is Wetter or Whiter             Host: Tobi Hoffman

At the time that I was asked to host a challenge, we in New England were awaiting the onset of Hurricane Irene, and although it had “calmed down” to a tropical storm by the time it reached us, it was still a big storm, and it got me thinking about portraying weather in art.  So, look out the window!  What’s the weather in your part of the world?  If you prefer, you may pull out a memory of another day or another place, when the weather was more dramatic, but weather is weather even if it’s bright and sunny, and so would be fair game for this challenge.  Accentuate the weather aspect so that you can imagine being out in the rain, snow, wind (or lack of wind), sun, cold or heat, sunny or overcast. All styles, traditional, representational, non representational, realistic, stylized or abstract, are acceptable of course!

And since I have come up with such an alliterative theme for this challenge, try to embody a rhythmic element to your work, a repetition of form, or shape, or line, or color, but not exact repetition – after all, no two snowflakes are the same!

Weather and art
Not a quilt, but the weather is the basis for the complexity of this art:
Nathalie Miebach: Art made of storms
Historic weather art:

Joy Garnett:

Children’s Weather Quilt project:

Painting Like Pro: How to Paint Weather Elements:

Weather in Quilt Art
I used this piece as a sample in the first challenge I hosted, but it is certainly relevant to a weather-related challenge:
Exhibition: A Change in the Weather

Any of these quilts could qualify for this challenge! Hand/Eye: Weather Quilts – Clare Brett Smith:

Elizabeth Barton:

Projects due December 31! And one final word: Have fun with this!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Double PinWheels

The piece is 14-1/2" X 14-1/2". All I got done after all this time was the quilt top. Too many things going on all at once, but still wanted to participate in the challenge. After putting this together, it resembled, to me, a Coat of Arms type emblem. All criticisms, critiques and comments welcome.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Calla Lily

I finally finished this challenge. I am taking a class taught by Annette Kennedy on Craftsy and this is her pattern, but I feel that it fits the parameters of the challenge. This was the first time that I had ever painted using pebeo Setacolor fabric paints, and I was happy with the results. Your comments are welcome.

Monday, December 05, 2011


I enjoyed this challenge. This little piece is 10 1/2" wide by 7 3/4" long. It was done from a photo I took a couple years ago. It is fused but not yet quilted. Still trying out this method. Thanks to Susan Brittingham for the class I took earlier this year. Working this small was a challenge but I needed to see if I could do it---and I did!!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Wizard

As requested here is a close up -I used some metallic thread  the light makes it blur. Thank you for commenting

My inspiration was "Dorothy Discovers The Emerald City," an oil painting
by Thomas Kincade. However my character is simply a magical Wizard
that appears on the horizon. I used a stamp as a start pattern and lots
of thread painting. He is holding a book of wisdom and a crystal ball.
While quilting I enhanced the upper right corner with a shadowed sun
( I hope it shows up ) there is also a quarter moon.. The path was
painted with a copper gloss. My goal was to have him just appear onto the quilt

I still have some finishing work to do - I do not like being late so
here he is. Your comments will be appreciated.
Thank YOU

Susan Ward
Quilting in Kentucky

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Santa Fe Courtyard

As usual, I thought too long about what to do. After a week of procrastination, I started this on Thursday. It needs some finishing work and is not yet quilted.

I like the strong contrasts and the large shapes. I found it was a bit of a departure and a challenge for me, different from my typical subject matter.

Comments and critiques are most welcome.

Rembrandt's Bird by Cynthia Ann Morgan

Rembrandt's Bird by Cynthia Ann Morgan
Here's my piece for the high contrast with color challenge.  I used Rembrandt's Samson painting for inspiration for the color palette.
Good thing I'm a hand dyer...I had lots of value choices on hand.
Comments and greetings welcome!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Shadowed Grapes

Here is my finished challenge.  I wanted to use only fabric etc that I had on hand, so chose to use some of my LWI hand-dyed fabric, in this case cotton Damask.  The background is LWI-dyed muslin.  I had hoped to use the shading of the fabric as the shading on  the grapes but it wasn't quite enough, so I added a bit of coloured pencil  I love the effect of LWI on the cotton Damask.  The weave gives the finished result a kind of "glow" that you don't get with any other fabric. The weave also presents special problems when using a raw-edge applique.  Since I was limited to what I had on hand, the colours could have been better, but overall, I think they work quite well.
Pat f in Winnipeg
aka fndlmous

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Under the Sea

I haven't finished this piece, it still needs stitched and quilted.
I really admire the work of Jo Diggs so tried my first 'underwater' scene.   I am hoping I have achieved contrast between the dark and the light area of the 'reef'. Thanks for the great challenge Susan.


I took a picture of a flower in my garden because it had one white petal amongst all the red. The light gave interesting color variations to the petals so I felt it fit the challenge. It is 20x20. Machine quilted and raw edge appliqued

Leaf in the Fountain

Here is my small project in response to this challenge to create something in the chiaroscuro style. I used a photo of the fountain at the Cheesecake Factory as inspiration. I wish the green receded more into the background. The photo has more depth and mystery. This is not quite finished… not trimmed or bound or even signed yet.

Enjoyed the challenge, thanks for hosting, Susan. As usual, I'm enjoying the posts and comments - always learning something new.

When Life Gives You Lemons...

The tree trunk represents my hand that wants to turn it around instead. The symbolic landscape was designed in Make the Cut Software and cut with my digital cutter.