Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Wizard

As requested here is a close up -I used some metallic thread  the light makes it blur. Thank you for commenting

My inspiration was "Dorothy Discovers The Emerald City," an oil painting
by Thomas Kincade. However my character is simply a magical Wizard
that appears on the horizon. I used a stamp as a start pattern and lots
of thread painting. He is holding a book of wisdom and a crystal ball.
While quilting I enhanced the upper right corner with a shadowed sun
( I hope it shows up ) there is also a quarter moon.. The path was
painted with a copper gloss. My goal was to have him just appear onto the quilt

I still have some finishing work to do - I do not like being late so
here he is. Your comments will be appreciated.
Thank YOU

Susan Ward
Quilting in Kentucky


Susan B said...

The wizard looks quite well done, excellent execution from what I can see. On the one hand I see the background as suggestive of the magic surrounding the wizard, but on the other, it is a bit distracting. The wizard does contrast with his background, but I would also like to see even stronger contrast or perhaps a more concentrated light source. I would love to see a clearer photo of the thread work because it looks quite wonderful.

Wendy said...

Fun, Susan. It looks like the wizard has appeared in a hand.... I think the cropped version is quite effective, but he gets a bit lost on the larger view. I immediately thought of Harry Potter.... this reminds me of Dumbledore! Well done.