Saturday, February 04, 2012

Make a Wish

Quickly done. Simple fused applique, minimal thread work, cheesecloth "seeds' and glue on a fabulous fabric by Elaine Quehl. Measures 10 1/4" X 9 1/2 "

The best childhood memories are outdoors.


Jan said...

Oh, did this bring back memories! My dad spent a lot of hours digging dandelions that I'd previously helped the wind scatter and plant.
I love the way you made the seeds. Looks almost real. Congratulations on a wonderful piece!

katieinnebraska said...

So simple! I really like this!

Marilyn Wall said...

Sue, really playful and brought back many memories of blowing those little seeds all over the yard.

Sue Andrus said...

I love the fluff! It looks like the view one would see while rolling around on the grass.... I's been a long time since i did that :)

fastfriday said...

I can almost feel the wind blowing! The way you handled the fluff makes the piece seem very realistic.

Ticia Wicks

Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Sue, great that background fabric. My only comment is that I wish there was a bit more value contrast so the dandelion popped more.