Monday, March 26, 2012

Golden Sunrise

Golden Sunrise, redone

Not happy with the quilted sky, I ripped it out.  I was not happy with it when done.  However, when someone commented on it, I knew I had to change it.  Now it is tied with gold metallic thread in a circular pattern around the sun.  I like this much better.  Luckily, I have an ergonomic seam ripper.  I've used it a lot.  However, ripping our clear poly thread is the most difficult.

Golden Sunrise
10" x 10"

This is my third try.  I was really happy with it before quilting.  I think the sun would have been better not quilted.  What I really enjoy about all of these challenges [besides the challeng] is looking at all of the wonderful art references.  I do remember a Turner titled 'Fire at Sea' or something resembling that.  I could not find it online, but it is still in my mind after 20+ years.  I think art is like that; it grips you and holds you.


Susan B said...

What a gorgeous painting! It certainly answers the challenge nicely. Very Turneresque. I like the quilting, too. The water looks smooth as glass with a the slightest breeze in the air.

Linda Mac said...

You captured the reflection beautifully. This is so serene, I love it.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

Ann, this is so lovely! Peaceful and calm, draws me into the scene, I can feel myself relaxing on that little sailboat...Ahhh

Louise said...

This is a very serene scene. I can almost feel the stillness and experience the calm from here. The sun draws the eye in and the reflection takes me out again. You did a wonderful job.

Jan said...

I agree with not quilting the sun, but this a very lovely piece sun quilted or not!

fastfriday said...

I love what you did around the sun. Made quite a difference. Beautiful and serene. Your sail boat is very well done.

Pat Havey

fastfriday said...

Ann, Hard to find any more words about your piece that haven't been said by all the others. Peaceful, tranquil, glowing - wonderfully done piece, love the quilting.
The reflection of the boat and sun are wonderful. Sandi