Friday, May 11, 2012

Gestalt Leaves

18" x 24"

The gestalt principles here are similarity/differences, and proximity, to create a trio of plants.  I used reverse applique, with the base fabric being a piece of dark brown stretchy velvet, which adds a richness to the piece.  The curlicue pattern at the bottom was part of the fabric when I bought it; it seems that on the basis of a bit of an embroidered pattern, it could be imported for a lower price, as embroidery, rather than as velvet!  At any rate, I chose to keep it, and when I mounted the whole piece on foam core, decided to make the lower edge echo that shape.

Machine problems plagued the sewing of the satin stitch around the leaves, but I managed it on my older machine by going ve-e-e-e-ry slowly!

Comments welcome


Louise said...

The velvet really does add richness to this piece. It is very pleasing to the eye with all the gentle curves. I do not envy you stitching on the velvet. Did you stabalize it before you stitched? Nice work.

Louise Page

Cherie in Del Mar said...

I like the scalloped bottom, nice touch. The colors are lovely.

Julia in NZ said...

Interesting textures, it would be good to see in person. the embroidery adds another design feature, and I like the back story! I find myself wondering what if one leaf was a different colour or pointing downwards.