Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Lunch at the Lake

This challenge was soooo much fun!  I chose CONTINUITY for my quilt.  Hopefully I have achieved it - your eye should travel from fish, to the right and up, ending with the heron.  I decided to enter this now (I have yet to add the binding) since I will be busy for the next few days and not sure I will have it completed by Friday.

This is 29"x18" and most of it was done with cottons.  The water is overlayed with organza so that the fish looks like he is in the water, not on it.  The dragonfly wings are organza and the lily is cut from ribbon. (Hope the fish gets the dragonfly because it would be wasted on the frog since he is about to be nabbed by the heron.)  Your comments are welcome, and encouraged.  I have really enjoyed doing this one, thanks Cherie.    Sandi


Louise said...

What a fun piece with such an interesting story! The use of the netting over the fish really does add the realism of being in the water. A nice diagonal movement which takes my eye through the quilt. Wondering who is behind the bird contemplating the next move!

fastfriday said...

You have done an excellent job of moving the eye across the quilt. I also love the chain of events indicated. Good work and a fun quilt.

Pat Havey

Cherie in Del Mar said...

What a fun and wonderful piece this is! A perfect rendition of the food chain in story form. Your use of the sheer to place the fish underwater is very good, and your stitching adds so much to the over all painting. good work

SusanPI said...

This is a busy quilt, you brought it all together I like the gradual effect and the grand effect of the head of the bird and it's beak. Very nice:)