Wednesday, May 02, 2012

'We All Shine On'

I have finally finished up my answer to this challenge. I quilted the circles and circle slices, added the sun in the right hand corner, quilted sun rays over the entire piece, and couched yarn around the edge of the sun. I am happy with the finished product and it hangs in our home on wheels!
This was an interesting challenge which provided a lot of options. I decided once more to attempt an abstract since my comfort zone is in realistic portrayals. I was contemplating working with squares and rectangles, but eventually settled on circles. Since I am very involved in getting a piece completed in the next three weeks, I only have the foundation completed for this challenge. I will be quilting a sun with long wavy rays in the upper right corner of the piece. I am also planning on putting stars dancing through the rays, making them descend from the smallest to the largest at the bottom of the piece. Sorry to not be able to complete this in the allotted time again, but I will post a picture when I have finished it. Thanks for stretching me again and helping me to learn new things in the process!


Cherie in Del Mar said...

Louise, you have created so much depth I feel as if being pulled into outer space. Lovely use of fabrics/colors. My eye is drawn diagonally across the quilt and deep within. Can't wait to see the additions of rays and stars!


SusanPI said...

Louise - You did a wonderful job on this with the colors and the design, I also admire the wonderful depth you created.

Tobi said...

The quilting certainly adds to the effect; I like that the wavy lines do not coincide with the stripes. And the "sun" circle is a good addition.