Thursday, May 03, 2012

Where Ever You Go

I chose to do an abstract for this challenge, I used recycled fabric including upholstery scraps. Quilted with free motion embroidery.

I am not sure what inspired me other than the challenge topic -I am thrilled I completed this wondrous challenge. Cynthia's words "don't over think it" pushed me along. I am traveling a journey with breast cancer and really in a chemo daze.
Susan Ward


Louise said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the way in which the circles are floating across the surface. It looks like some type of moonscape or landscape to me. Is the background fabric painted or dyed? A very nice job!

I am believing and hoping that as you travel through your journey you will find an overabundance of strength, courage, peace and faith!


SusanPI said...

Thank you Louise:)
The fabric had the basic design, I filled it in with thread painting.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

I especially love the horizontal seems to be a landscape with lake, meadow, sky...and then dreamy bubbles floating by. Ethereal and lovely.

Wendy said...

Sending healing energy to you, Susan... I hope you will use your creativity on your journey... art is a great healer!