Thursday, July 26, 2012

Challenge 71 - Flowers with Style

Challenge 71Flowers with Style            Due: August 4th   Host:  Cynthia Ann Morgan
Choose a style from Art History to create a quilt featuring flowers. Your flowers can be geometric (like traditional or contemporary quilt blocks), stylized(like folk art), realistic or abstract (like impressionism & expressionism) or anything else you want.

Example Time Periods/Styles:   



Art Nouveau


Cubism - Picasso's Woman with Flower

Stylized - Picasso's Petit Fleurs

Impressionism - Monet's Garden

Stylized - Matisse's Le Lance

Expressionistic - Emil Nolde's Yellow & Red Flowers

Pop Art - Warhol's Flowers

Realistic -Nobuyoshi Araki's Rondeau

Japanese Woodcut - Hokusai

Van Gogh's Sunflowers


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