Friday, January 04, 2013

Three and Seven

14" x 19"

I could not settle on a single auspicious number, so I chose the month and day of my birthday, and made those the central elements.  The idea of special numbers seemed to relate to astrology, and I have had the starry constellation fabric hanging around for a number of years now, so I used that for the background.  The blue anemone fabric was a find from a store near Berkeley which I found last summer, and it matched the blue in the constellation names, so it became a kind of nebula surrounding the center.  I initially used a blue water kind of fabric for the center, but I liked the stark black better.  The blue specked fabric made a good transition.

One thing that I can't show here is that the stars in the background glow in the dark!

This was two days, start to finish, so finally I can post it before the end of the week!  I welcome your comments.


fastfriday said...

I love the astrological idea and you carried it off very well. I especially like the shape - always changing.

Pat Havey

Ann In Fallbrook, CA said...

The stark black center wss a good choice. It makesme wonder what else is out there.

California Fiber artist and composer said...

The irregular shape is fascinating and reminds me of a pebble. I love the black and white complemented with the blue.....too bad we can't see the star fabric glowing in the dark.