Sunday, March 31, 2013

Snail Flower

This was a quick piece...started and completed it tonight!

A few years ago, I created a quilt block design based on a pair of snails.  Tonight, I worked with that block in Photoshop flipping it vertically and horizontally a few times, and then printed the image on a cotton fabric sheet.  The snail part of the printed image was enhanced with free-motion thread work.

How does this relate to infinity?  It relates because the design could be continued to infinity and already travels beyond its border.

By the way, the top part of the finished piece reminds me of a flower which is how the piece got its name.


Tobi said...

The snail spirals also suggest something that keeps on going! This would be interesting wall art in a bedroom with a quilt using the pattern on the bed.

Sharon Robinson said...

Really cute! You could upload it to Spoonflower and create a repeating pattern on fabric. Nice colors, too.

fastfriday said...

The snails are delightful - realistic, yet abstract.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

Your snails are really fun...for some reason my eye keeps seeing an oriental face? Does anyone else see it?

Louise said...

You are correct, this could go on into infinity. It is a fun piece and I really like the looseness of your stitching in black around the snail shapes. My only suggestion would be to add/pop one color with a darker value. Very cute!