Friday, May 03, 2013

I Only Have Eyes For You


The quilt is uses positive /negative images for the eyes and is based on the quote:

 The eyes are the mirror of the soul

Designed in Make the Cut software, cut with an electronic cutter and free motion quilted.



fastfriday said...

I love this interpretation of the quote. The black yin/yang symbol makes a wonderful focal point. The contrast you've created is what makes this outstanding. Pam Clark

Louise said...

A wonderful quote interpreted beautifully! I really like your color choice and my eye is directed immediately to the black of the eye. From there, I like your use of the radiating colors and quilting which you have used.

Tobi said...

This piece made me laugh when I first saw it -- a yin/yang with heart-shaped eyes, and on a star-burst of color, all in all, a very striking work. What I wonder is whether it might lend itself to a circular shape rather than the rectangle.

Meena said...

You are right.I will see if I can find a circular mat for yet another possibility.

I found a square mat and frame and it looks better than a rectangular shape.

fastfriday said...

I agree about the square mat, but seeing what's under there from the first picture, I wonder if a larger square would work better to show more of the image, which I think is wonderful. I like the contrast, color, and quilting. Good job!

Robert Hartley

fastfriday said...

Interesting interpretation of the quote, not depicting a realistic eye.