Friday, June 21, 2013

V is for Viktoria

V is for Viktoria
Close up of embroidery

Bits of trim and Jewelry

Since someone else posted a previously completed Alphabet quilt, I will share mine.  A couple of years ago my guild did an Alphabet Soup challenge.  Each artist was given their letter in fabric and had to use it on the front of the quilt.  Quilts were to be 18"x 24".  Each artist got to select their letter from list of remaining letters.  By the time I got to select there were only a few vowels and V left,   I chose V.  

My daughter was named after my grandmother.  I used the German spelling of Viktoria.   My grandmother did wonderful embroidery work.  I have several pieces of her work.  My daughter does lovely cross stitch.  I  immediately had an idea for this piece, I tried to make it look like Victorian crazy patch.  The floral embroidered motifs came from a maternity smock that I had made and worn when expecting my daughter.  For some reason my mother had cut of the motifs and saved them.  I had done the little house cross stitch many years ago and never framed it.  The buttons are vintage and come from my late mother's button box.  As well as the brooches. The lacy trim came from my daughter.  She had pulled all the filly decorations off a lampshade and gave me a box filled with bits of this and that.  I tea dyed the letter V's, they were on a white background.  It was a very satisfying piece to make.

The collection was hung in that year's quilt show.  It also was on display at the HMQS quilt show, and at the Springville art museum's annual quilt show. I can't quite remember what year it was made.  I am not where I can look at the label today.


Marilyn Wall said...

Sylvia, it is lovely. So Victorian looking. The machine quilting is beautiful or is that done by hand?

Ann In Fallbrook, CA said...

This is so much fun to look at. All the small and personal elements that you have incorporated make what I am sure is a very special quilt.

Linda Mac said...

This is a beautiful quilt, and such a special family memento.

Sylvia said...

Thank you for the lovely comments! It is machine quilted. I used decorative machine stitching between the various fabric patches.

Meena said...

Beautiful and so meaningful, too.

Tobi said...

The bright embroidered flowers show up well to spark up the muted background. I like the lace embellishments.