Saturday, February 01, 2014

Ori-Nui Shibori

When this challenge was announced, I immediately thought of all of the wonderful Shibori fabric I have created over the past couple of years.  While I've used many colours, a fair bit of it was done in blues.  Looking through the various fabrics, I found this table centre that I started working on a couple of years ago.  This was during a time that my arthritis was making itself known.  When I saw this, I had to accept the reality that it is unlikely that I will ever start any other hand stitched project. I am no longer capable, but --I could finish this!  A sort of "last Hurrah".

While I can't really call this "art", I did create the  dyeing design on the fabric, and then used that as a basis for the stitching design. I used a fairly coarse running stitch, using Coton a Broder--somewhat reminiscent of Sashiko.  My days of 20+ stitches to  the inch are long gone. :(

I feel a great sense of accomplishment with this, and welcome any comments.
Pat Findlay
aka fndlmous


FoulkeArt said...

There is something very meditative about hand-stitching, and it certainly "works" on this piece, like sashiko.

Marilyn Wall said...

I thing the "big stitch" is perfect for this piece. Twenty- two stitches per inch would not have been as effective. jMHO.

Linda Mac said...

Love the hand stitching on this piece. Simple but effective.

ann said...

Hand stitching is beautiful. I too can no longer use my thumbs because of severe, painful arthritis. I think because of this challenge, I appreciate the hand work more.

Tobi said...

What I love is the texture of the color pattern in the fabric. I agree that smaller stitches would be lost in this piece. I like the effect of the white stitches next to the dark blue stitch lines.

Anne Sonner said...

What a lovely piece!