Saturday, April 05, 2014

Totally Pieced

As hostess for this challenge, it wouldn't do for me not to participate. So I made two!  I saw Neo-plasticism and non-representational art as two distinctively different styles, even though the work of Piet Mondrian is listed as being in both categories.  "Off The Grid" is more in the style of De Stijl and "Audition" is more non-representational.

I used gradation fabrics from Cherrywood to create both pieces.  "Audition" is just that.  I took a 14" segment from a much larger piece that I had designed and have been unsure of where to place the colors and values.  So, I followed my suggestion and chose the various shades of the greys to tell me how it would work in the finished project.  "Off the Grid" was hoping to show depth as the darker fabrics receded.  Not sure I accomplished that and am not sure why.  Perhaps the darker pieces should grow ever smaller instead of ever bigger; the reverse of what I did.  I now see why artists work in series.  Never satisfied with their work, they do it over and over until they get it right.      

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Anne Sonner said...

The curvy piece has a lot of movement and depth. It doesn't seem flat. The geometric piece seems to have something going on behind a grid. Again, it doesn't seem flat, which makes it interesting.