Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Colour Purple

I had an entirely different idea when I sat down with this last Sunday, but that went south really fast, so Monday morning I started painting the fabric and Tyvek.  Tuesday I had it on the frame, and late Tuesday started the beading.  It  has been quite awhile ( years) since I did a Tyvek piece and I had forgotten how elegant they can be.  The fused glass cabochon was commissioned from a local glass worker, June Derksen, for an entirely different design, but works very well here.  The beads include fresh water pearls and amethyst, as well as a variety of glass beads, and even a couple of sequins.

Purple because of its symbolism as being rich and rare.  I chose an analogous colour scheme, and painted in Seta-Color Parma Purple, Fuschia, and Cobalt Blue.  I generally use a cool palette, and analogous schemes are my preference.  But when the painting was done, I really felt I had to add the gold, which turned this into a split complement.  The piece will be mounted and framed


Linda Mac said...

This is very pretty Pat. I love your use of Tyvek. Like you I haven't thought to use it for a while now. Thanks for the reminder.

I had good intentions with this challenge, but two many things are going on right now to devote time to it. Family health issues take precedence as I am sure you understand.

Tobi said...

The Tyvec gives such an interesting texture to your piece, with its iridescence and almost luminous hues. Great work, and thanks for the challenge.

fastfriday said...

I LOVE this piece! The Tyvek and the cabochon are beautiful together. Thank you for a fun and interesting challenge.

Cheryl Casker