Wednesday, June 11, 2014

French Lilacs

8.5" x 10"
Cotton, seed beads, twine and fusible

I am currently at loose ends with my studio in storage so I needed a project that I could do by hand and this one fit the bill.  Created with a split compliment of purple, green and blue, I just couldn't resist recreating these beautiful lilacs in cloth.  Each flower petal was individually cut in the shape of a 1/2" hexagram and secured with a seed bead - all 275 of them!  I plan on finishing this piece by placing it into a portrait finish once my studio is back up and running again.


fndlmous said...
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fndlmous said...

What a lot of work--all that beading! Just a thought on the design, what if you had either altered the curve of one of the sprays of bloom, or even changed the angle, and maybe the position, of the butterfly, so as to lead the eye around the picture instead of leading it out of the picture to the upper left?
Pat F in winnipeg

Tobi said...

I admire your taking on such a hand-sewing project; if sewing machines weren't available, I probably wouldn't sew! Your background is great. The leaves could use just a bit of outline to make them pop.