Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Aquatic Symmetries

~23" x 20"

For this challenge, I combined #62 from Wendy Wetzel, "Notan" and Pam Harris's #43,  "Under the Sea" -- and while combining those would give me  the wonderful title "No Tan Under the Sea", I decided not to inflict that on you!

Notan involves the use of pieces cut from one side and "reflected" on the other, and I realized as soon as I got started that picking a batik was a fortunate choice!  I started with the vertical line of reflection from a piece of the batik, then made a curved cut that would cover a missing piece of the background fabric.  It then seemed only logical to add a few more cut-outs in those lines -- and I could put in scraps of the blue behind those shapes!

And because they seemed to need it, I used fabric paint for the eyes of the fishes.

It's been a wonderful run for the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge.  I thank you all for participating!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Another Annual Resolution!

I loved looking at past challenges. This quilt was inspired by Challenges #77 Touchy-Feely  and #55 Dance and Movement.

Tried a new technique with threads from a book, Stitch Draw  by Rosie James. 
It was designed and cut in Make the Cut software. Materials include net, trims,and threads.

I did two versions ..which one do you like better?