Monday, April 30, 2007

Driftwood 4

I read the instructions - I did a bunch of sketches - keeping in mind the composition of the photograph - then I re-read the challenge - so I did took another try at it and created Driftwood 4 - Driftwoods - 1, 2, and 3 are in progress.

Final size is 7x7 - I may just have to a do a few more renditions. Kind of a fun challenge - I have three more to quilt. - Lisa in Sunny Seattle

Update - June 3
Per request I've added the other three I did as sketches.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Swirling Thoughts

Here's my design project piece. I used a photo of an overstuffed chair surrounded by pots of flowers and plants in a family room. Lots of shapes to choose from. I mainly used the swirl shape on the chair arm and triangluar shapes from the back of the chair and the pots. It turned out a bit more whimsical than I usually do...I guess it's the inner child coming out. It was fun and quick, all fused applique and binding, an extra layer of batting trapunto style behind the chair to make it overstuffed, zigzag stitched around the applique, and quilting in a flower, leaf and paisley pattern.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

How Did I Get Here From There?

This is my project and the picture I used.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Challenge 8

Challenge # 8 - Friday, 27 April 2007

Challenge # 4 Hostess – Cynthia Morgan

Theme - Design Project

Design Element – Shape, Line, and Value

Source: The Quilter's Book of Design by Ann Johnston

--- The object of the project is to start with one image and end withanother.

Part 1* Pick a photo that has distinct lines and/or shapes in it
* Use a black pen to draw a few of the shapes or lines you like very quickly andsimply on small pieces of paper approximately 4" x 4"(or draw 4boxes on a full size sheet of paper). Fill the space.

* Look atwhat you have drawn and look again at the photo. Look for otherinteresting shapes or lines and draw more. (Remember you are not drawingthe picture, you are taking out some of its elements and simplifyingthem. Make 8-10 quick drawings (1-3 minutes each).

* Try differentvariations, such as
* Make the elements repeat with more or less space between them,
* Move them into a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement,
* Changethe size and orientation of the elements,
* Take one of the drawnelements and draw a mirror image next to it.

* Keep your lines simple and look for elements that interest you orcan make interesting combinations

Part 2
* Pick one of your line drawings and make 4 copies of it

* Shadethe shapes and lines in four completely different value patterns with3-6 values of gray, including black and white

Part 3
* Pick one of your value patterns to use as inspiration for a smallart quilt

Discussion – If you have Ann Johnston's book, this exercisestarts on page 129 and shows an example. I have 2 examples on my blogif you need help visualizing how the exercise can work (though I thinkit's best to just give it a shot blindly…you will surpriseyourself!)

http://cynthiaannmorgan.blogspot. com/

Important: Do the drawings quickly…don't agonize over it,don't think about it, just do it quickly. Parts 1 & 2 together should only take one hour at the most (really!). And as always, havefun!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Challenge 7

One of my unsuccessful efforts.  I tried making some embellished fiber that didn't work.

Orange Blossom Special

I'm calling this a finish!
Here are 3 postcards that I created using the original background piece. I decided to cut it up, & make 3 parts... thinking that at least 1 of them would work. The middle card is actually the 1st one I worked on, but when I finished the top & the bottom photo, It wanted to be in the center...too bad I don't have any photo collage skills, but then I'd have to re-name this to "Blue Highways".
They all measure 4x6, & are made from batik scraps. One is discharged, & the flowers are outlined in variegated emb. floss (6 strands) The scrappy strips of blue,orange,purple, & the floral, are raw edge appliqued. The flowers are buttons, & the glass bead in the middle pic is also variegated, & kinda looks like a bean...
One of the cards will be entered in my postcard group's lotto drawing, (wish me luck), another will be traded with a mixed media cardmaker, (so I can learn something new), & another will be sold to benefit the RAK fund on another group of traditonal quilters.
I'm finding that I should continue to do my challenges in this size, as I have more opportunities to share, learn, & benefit others, instead of my work sitting in a drawer, all but forgotten.
As always, comments are not only welcome, but appreciated.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


This is a remake of the first piece I posted. I took the borders off and started over.
When I went out and took another look at what he children had done, and a look at the rain on it...I just decided to 'go with it' and not try to be so formal. Tire tracks had gone through it, there were gravel bits and the usual debris, but the pride in what had been done could be heard with "...Mom... look what I made for you!"....
Pride in the effort, pure, unabashed innocence, no hesitation as to whether or not it was 'good art'.
I wondered then, when does it go?
Reminded me of some pictures my daughter made for me when I was sick some 34 years ago... [ she is 45 now]... I went to my keepsake box, took them out, wistfully shed a tear for those years gone, for the sweet innocence and depth of feeling, she really thought it would make me well.
Maybe it did.
Having said all that, it will give you a glimpse into this composition...... childlike composition.
I added more foil [tire tracks], beads [raindrops] , extra stitching [because the paper needed it] and for extra color. I used beads on the string for hanging. Oh, and the small pieces I made into a 'panorama', then printed on fabric.
I will look forward to your comments.

Coffee Dreams

I love coffee. So when this came about I knew I wanted to use coffee filters, which are becoming popular in materials. As I posted, I had no idea what to do, but sitting today, listening to my music, I just got moving with it. They are 4 coffee filters, pressed and folded into quarters. I machine quilted them down on black cotton, then used dark red silk to the sides. I zig zagged the edge of the whole quilt with a great black/red/gold yarn I have. Would love comments.

This is the rain-drenched block I intend to use, perhaps 5 along the bottom.


a piece that I decided to do [ it is only a start] after watching the neighbours children drawing in chalk on the driveway. So unconcerned, just drawing. I thought, why not?? I had been cutting starfruit and somehow the two emerged. I used some copper organza under the cotton, on a fairly stiff paper, then did a bit of foiling. I have some 'rain-drenched' [ it rained afte rthe street chalk drawing event] that I thought I would add to the bottom. Let me know what you think, if you are so inclined. I will post the drenched blocks as well.