Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Challenge #34 - Triad color scheme is purple/orange/green. This was accomplished by painting a flower and the background grid using Caran D'Ache Neopaque II water soluble wax pastels. I like to use them because you can create a quiet texture with them. Am not sure that shows up so well in a photo. The inner border - actually a flange - and the binding are dark green. (I know they look black, but are not.) The pattern is the grid and the texture in the painted areas as well as that created by the fossil fern purple border and the batik dark green inner border and binding. I think I could probably do more with this piece, but need to noodle on it for a while.

This is a style not typical of me. It was fun to do and certainly a new color scheme for me to try. Thanks Cynthia.

All comments/critiques welcomed.


My entry for this challenge is a basic triad color scheme, using teal, gold and red-purple. This is a very simple design, and is only 10”x12”, but it is fairly pleasing and I learned a great deal about playing with textures as well as using a triad palette. Starting with the back ground of cut-away appliqué, I found that the composition needed a focal point, so I added the Kanji. Some painted tyvek, and some fringe were added to generate a little texture and add more interest. Hopefully the letters are oriented correctly as not to offend our Asian friends. This was a quick and simple exercise, and was not intended to be a major piece, however it was a lot of fun to make. Thanks Cynthia for this challenge. As always comments are welcome.


My Triad colors are : Blue green, Red orange, and Red violet.

Texture is use of different fabrics, yarns, braids and metallics as well as variations in quilting.

I have used my series theme of shapes, creating pattern

It measures 231/2"x 291/2"

Any ideas what to name this? I am stumped...

Comments and suggestions appreciated


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Desert Rain

This is the first in a series I am calling *Illustrated Haiku*, the verse is my original and first attempt at doing a Haiku..don't know if it is actually one and don't know if it's any good, but I liked it so went with it..lol
Anyhow, my colors are purple, orange and green, colors are darker than seen here, at least on my screen.
It is all hand pieced and made mostly of felt, the middle "painted desert" mountains are cotton. not really sure they give the effect I was hoping for though. The spines on the cactus are made with white embroidery floss, the rain is a metallic thread that has white, light blue and pinkish colors in it and I scattered some silvery bugle beads around too.
I purposely did the Haiku in wavy lines and primitive embroidered letters .
Not sure if I met the pattern part, I was thinking the pricklies of the cactus, the rain, and if you notice I did wavy lines in the sand to represent mini dunes. I meant to do another line right next to each in a darker color to add more contrast,but totally forgot.
This is 8x10 and isn't quilted in the traditional sense of the word, it IS sewn to a piece of card stock and some outline stitching was done through the felt and card stock. It is going to be framed so I didn't want it too thick. The metal brackets you see on the edges now holds a piece of clear glass in front of this, I kept it off for picture purposes. The frame will allow it to stand or be hung.
Feels good to do a challenge finally. Hope you like it, comments as usual are welcome.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Challenge 34 - Texture/Pattern & Triad Colors

Challenge # 34 - Friday, June 26, 2009
Guest Hostess – Cynthia Ann Morgan
Challenge Description – Create a piece emphasizing texture and/or pattern in a triad color scheme. If you prefer to use only texture/pattern or only a triad color scheme rather than both in the same piece, that is fine, too

Color Concept: Triad

A triadic color scheme uses colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel. (red/blue/yellow; green/orange/purple; yellow-green/blue-violet/red-orange; and yellow-orange/red-violet/blue-green)
Triadic color harmonies tend to be quite vibrant, even if you use pale or unsaturated versions of your hues.
To use a triadic harmony successfully, the colors should be carefully balanced - let one color dominate and use the two others for accent. Or use shades and tones of the colors to tone it down.

Composition Concept: Texture/Pattern

From The Quilter’s Book of Design by Ann Johnston:
“Pattern and texture are often used interchangeably because a pattern may give a surface the appearance and because textures have a distinct repeating arrangement that creates a pattern. Pattern is a repetitive design with the same motif appearing in a predictable way. The repetition of the motif, color, value, line, shape, or texture, however does not necessarily have to be identical to create a pattern”

You can use pattern to set a mood, add interest in areas of a design, to unify a design, to show depth. You can use the quilting line to create pattern.

Texture is the nature of a material’s surface. It can be tactile textile (you can feel the texture) or visual texture (it looks like texture, but it actually smooth…like a fabric that looks like rock). You can use texture to suggest movement and add dimension as well as the main use – to create visual interest and variety. Quilting adds lots of texture as do embellishments of all kinds


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Challenge 33

On the eve of Challenge 34, I am finally getting #33 posted! Spring is a busy time. "Old Blue" is from photographs of our dog, taken on the Bering Sea, when we lived on Umnak Island, Alaska. We were hunting for the blue glass fishing net floats, shown in the foreground. Blue's coloring blends in with the landscape, so I knew I wanted this scene for a "camoflage art" quilt, which fit the neutrals theme. I used photo transfer for the dog, glass balls, and seagull, commercial fabrics highlighted with painsticks, rock beads, and thread for seaweed. The seaweed is the contrast color (orange & yellow, but looks more red and green in this photo). Thank you Kathy, this was a fun challenge, and one I have wanted to do for some time. Linda Mac

Friday, June 19, 2009

Galactic Starfish

My neutrals are black, white and off white with an accent of gold. I paperpieced the 6 twisted log cabin diamonds using several varied types of fabric for texture and depth. I quilted the background and then appliqued the starfish by hand, then quilted around the black to accentuate the design.
As is often the case, my husband named it for me!
I know it is late, but your comments and suggestions are as always appreciated...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Succulent V by Linda Cline

My fabric has been luring me to get back to some creative quilting. I wondered if I could do succulents in neutral colors without them looking dead. Cynthia did a wonderful landscape in blue tinted grays which made it look like it was drenched in moonlight, so I thought maybe a blue tinted gray would work for me as well.

This piece started with a bluish gray which now seems nearly achromatic. I added a bit of yellow to the final painted highlights to add a bit of warmth to it. I think I missed the "accent color" part of the challenge. I prefer the brightly colored succulents.

Monday, June 01, 2009

On Point

Hi All,

"On Point" is approximately 8.5" x 11.625". As you know, if you have followed my blog for a while, I LOVE ballet. Now I'm just an observer and recorder, but I still love that mode of expression. I can still remember my first time in toe shoes. Surprisingly they really didn't hurt much. However, they were very awkward to walk in. I am continually amazed by the beauty and grace of ballerinas.

The size is to meet the requirements of the 'Little Gems' sale that will go on in August. The proceeds of this sale will go towards establishing a Guild Museum and Gallery in York, England. If interested in learning more, try this link.


So far they only have one quilt from the USA. Perhaps you might have time to make a contribution. I'm sure it will be appreciated.