Thursday, December 25, 2014

Challenge 100: What Have I Missed?

Challenge 100, December 26, 2014

Challenge Hostess: Tobi Hoffman and 49 others
Title:  What have I missed?
Theme:  Finding the best of the past challenges
Technique:  Any
Due date:  January 3, 2015 – or whenever you finish!

The Fast Friday Fabric Challenge started back in September 2006, and our final challenge presents a time for a retrospective.  There is no member who has done and posted every challenge, so for this one hundredth challenge, I ask everyone to look back through the previous 99, and select a theme from one challenge and a technique from another – or combine themes and techniques from several of them, as many as you want, and whatever parts from any of the challenges that you want.  We all have learned to use various aspects that have enhanced our work, both for these challenges and for other projects, and I hope it has been an enjoyable and profitable experience.

Feel free also to look through all that has been posted – but be warned that this is eye candy that consists of 1820 published posts (including this one, of course).  100 are the challenges themselves, and 5 are “how to post” instructions, but that leaves 1715 pieces of art!  While you’re at it, feel free to add critiques for those that catch your eye.

And while this may be the final challenge, if you ever feel to come back for something further to do, this one is always open for you!

Resources: - the link to all the challenges.  Because most of the challenges themselves contain links, and because it would make no sense to do so, I am not including any other links.

And one more thing: have fun with this! :) 

Friday, December 12, 2014


10¼" x 22½"

Earlier this fall I had gotten scraps of that tree fabric in brown and green from my quilt guild, and was so delighted to be able to make use of them here!  An orchard combines the sense of order of planted trees with the individual way that each of the trees grow.  It makes me think of the fresh outdoor air and the anticipation of the harvest at the season's end.  And the wider than normal proportions of this piece (I don't choose the dimensions so much as the picture does!) makes me long to go outside in early spring and just spread my arms wide and take a deep, deep breath.

I welcome your comments.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Next Step

"The Kiss" thus far. I've pieced background using Jaffe Fassett's shot cottons. I plan to quilt the silhouette and put over the background. Thinking I might add lighter circles to mimic cartoony imagery in pic. 
This is certainly a challenge. I'm on a path to finish it up. 
Have a few challenges in my mind right now. Like having that diversion. Sketching. Thinking
I've been awake since 3:30 AM. Almost ready for bed!

I have learned:

1.  $1900 to rebuild transmission. Ugh. Seriously. Ugh 
2.  Printers + ink. Another ugh.
3.  Must pass on Elizabeth Barton's master  Class in art quilting. A year long commitment and the price tag prohibit. 
4.  I love Amy's Vegetable Lasagne mm
5.  I need more vacation days.