Monday, December 31, 2007


I thought I would include organza to give a layered look, and used a stencil with blue and white acrylic fabric paint to add some texture to it. While I was at it, I added white paint to some bluish green cheesecloth.

I piece the background in gentle curves, layered the organza and cheesecloth over the top, and anchored everything down with some free-motion quilting.

I like the layered textures that I have ended up with, but something is missing. This could be a great background for something else, not sure what. And I'm not sure I have achieved "ice", doesn't seem solid enough.


Cathy ~o said...

I like this Linda, I think you have done ice very well. To me it looks like the thin coating of ice over a pond, stream or lake before it is entirely frozen. I can't think of what to add, I like it the way it is :-)

Jan J. said...

I, too, like it as is, but rather than seeing a frozen pond I immediately thought of our icy roads with tire marks showing the slipperyness of the roads right now. The different colors of blues also made me think of the snow drifts of varying depths. Great job!

Sandy said...

this is great! I had been thinking of something along this line for depicting glaciers. google glacier images and you will see that the various depths of blue are there on some of them. I got a discard book from the library that I have wanted to use for inspiration.

anyway, I am doing fire instead, since I came across a great fabric for it. I will save the ice for another day when I have more time, better fabric, or a more complete idea!
sandy in the UK

Roberta Ranney said...

Hi Linda - This work seems complete to me. It struck me as being an aerial view of frozen tundra. I feel the chill and the beauty of varying layers of ice reflecting a blue sky. You have also managed to give the piece a feeling of movement as if the ice is growing (or maybe it is shrinking!)

I think this work is a beauty.


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

I too think that you have captured the icey north. The darker colors remind me of open water with the ice flows moving about, and the wind is there too!

Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Linda, Lots of great textures on this...and the gentle curved pieces gives the effect of slow moving currents under ice. It's a wonderful study...I agree about missing something to make it a really good art piece. A focal point or something. I'm sure you'll come up with something in the future to use this as a fabulous background...what size is it?

Love your work as always.

Carole said...

Linda... anaother of your pieces that make one want to look deeper, linger, see what isn't ovbvious.
It definitely is icy. Your pieces usually draw the eye somewhere, this one lets it wander....perhaps looking for a resting place.
I'm not sure why, but I feel an uneasiness.. maybe because there have been so many winter storms already?
I agree with the other comments, you will find that 'something'...

brendaj said...

Hi Linda,

I think it is really lovely; love all the textures in it. It reminds me more of the sky, like looking through the ice and snow and wind. The colors are wonderful also. Great work.


Linda Cline said...

Cynthia asks "What size is it?"

Well I confess I haven't finished the edges yet, becuause I don't think it's done yet. It could be about 9 x 12 if I trim the sides straight, slightly larger if I leave the sides irregular, or quite a bit larger if I add on to the edges.

Now the bigger question remains, what will I do to add a focal point. I've thought about frost bitten leaves clinging to branches, or bare branches, in the foreground. An arial view of migrating birds. I like the idea of fish swimming beneath a frozen surface, but don't know that I can do that at this stage of the project.