Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Black Hole

This piece was based on a SPAM subject line that said
" Black Hole" I fused misty fuse to black batik and then started chopping hand-dyed colored fabrics and letting them fall randomly in a circular pattern. I then chopped black fabric up after fluffing and straightening a bit . I fused the fabrics to the background. I started quilting in the center and moved in a spiral outwards

This is the detail of Black hole.

It measures
23 x 32.


Karen Markley said...

I love this - looks like you are totaly tuned in to the SPAM show. I looks silk screened. Love the layering and the colors. I see SPAM now in a whole new context.

Good challenge

Kathy Angel Lee said...

I feel as though I'm falling right down into the hole - nice work with the color and spacing.