Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lost in Flight

this MADE me realize I keep far too much 'stuff...junk'...

Spring is here, with little flowers trying to bloom, lots of birds... some to stay, some in transit. The right side of the piece is to depict the startled flock that takes to the air, the others are smaller.... higher up...and more right. In their haste, feathers fall, I pick them they are. The orange and the yellow are from the same species [by the shape], and the blue from the Stellar Jay. A small bit of 'fluff' lies in the grass below. The flowers are made from those plastic rings that keep a pack of cd's from moving about, I cut them in half and stitched them down on a small piece of silk. The grass in the front is painted dryer sheet, and on the left... right in the corner is a piece of that plastic found as a divider in the sushi take-out tray. By the way those 'birds' on the right were going to be 'inchies' but I couldn't be bothered. Too fiddley.

I should add that the background is Dupioni silk. I love to quilt on it and have to confess I did all the quilting first.... except on the right side.

Everything is something that would have been/should have been thrown out or left on the ground if I wasn't such a packrat!!

Comments welcome and appreciated.


Betty Donahue said...

Oh, but "so much junk" is fun to work with. You really made a fun project. So bright and cheerful.

Kathy Angel Lee said...

This is a great fun piece. The quilting and the way you laid out the curved parts really add a lot to the sense of movement and air flow. Nice use of recycled materials.

Roberta Ranney said...

Hi Carole - What a great job you've done with this challenge. I particularly like the quilting on the silk dupioni. I see a new fabric in my future!

I immediately thought of some sort of Zen garden - the tan fabric looks like sand with carefully drawn lines. The dupioni gives such an illusion of depth.

Too cool.


Anonymous said...

Carole, I am in awe of your quilting.
My first impression is of a cottontail munching.. whatever does not eat it. The birds flying up echo the rusty color on their faces and ears. I love the translucent layers of green with the dryer sheets. Orange is my favorite color. Your blooms remind me of button mums a neighbor lady had in her yard when I was a little girl.

Wendy said...

Carole, I love love love the quilting on the silk, it brings such movement to this piece. The colors and contrast just all work on this piece. And I love the sushi grass (and I thought I saved weird stuff!).. It's spring here too! Hopefully my garden will be as colorful as yours. Great work!

Jan J. said...

The piece is great with such wonderful movement. Great use of all pieces. I do hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but the bird feathers on your piece are all from protected species and you could receive a fine for possessing them if you show this in public. Under the migratory bird act all parts of all species except House Sparrow, Rock Pigeon and Starling are protected. And that means found body parts and nests, too.