Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mood Watch by Cay Denise

The spam I chose was all about watches, luxury timepieces, replica Rolexes, etc. On the day the challenge began, there was also a spam from someone using the alias of Moody. So, it has all come together as 'Mood Watch'. There are 12 moods listed in all: Balanced, Elegant, Flirtatious, Sexy, Loved, Curious, Creative, Timid, Fearful, Frumpy, Generous, and Happy. There is an eye wheel on the back of the piece that can be twirled to get the different pairs of eyes to focus on various words. This was definitely a creative challenge idea!


Tobi said...

Finally, someone else going wild with the shape, I love it! And changeable eyes, it's a great touch also.

Betty Donahue said...

This is amazing. I love the way you got your eyes to move.

Katieinnebraska said...

How very very clever! I love this. Unfortunately all my messages about watches never get caught in the spam filter. Now I can picture this glowering face whenever I delete one! Thanks for the laugh!