Monday, March 31, 2008

ren's rags

The finishing here still to be done includes some quilting and beading and figuring out a hanging device, but this is pretty much it. The overlay is silk organza with embroidery and beading from a silk dress that I had picked up at a church sale somewhere. The base is many of the labels that I had taken off the many men's ties that I have taken apart for their silk and wool.

I was keeping the labels in a little bowl, knowing that I would do something with them one day. And then this challenge came up and I immediately pulled out the bowl. I spent an entire day laying out the labels onto fusible batting, then ironed them down. I need to quilt and embroider over the organza to hold the labels in place for the long run.

I call this piece She and He in 1950. It is 14 inches high by 10 inches wide, so far. The hanging device might make it longer.


Anonymous said...

Ren, nice arrangement and balance of values. The beautiful, embroidered overlay really works with this.
Your #19 is similar to mine! I work way too slowly to start over, but you will see that my idea takes a different turn.
Penny Irwin

Wendy said...

Very fun, Ren. Reminds me of when folks use the selveges in a quilt... the whole look is so soft and balanced!

Carole said...

Good use of labels, I keep them, too... very effective the way you used them. The organza serves another purpose here by making it soft, almost feminine.
Probably to colors and the embroidery, too.