Sunday, March 30, 2008


This one was fun! I started off with the background, which is a poorly done machine quilting sample piece, made out of scrap fabric to begin with. Except I decided to use the former back side (with all the eyelashing and bad tension) as the front - the other side looks much more normal. I turned the sides to the new back and stitched them in place for binding, trimmed the length and added leftover binding from a previous quilt to the top and bottom. I took thread snips from the wastebasket next to my machine and couched them in place around a previously stitched circle. Then I added all of the fabric covered buttons from the box given to me by a friend of my mother. The facial features are scraps from the floor, covered with a blue veggie net and zigzagged in place. And in place of hair, I added a tiara created from scrunched up aluminum foil and stitched down.

Finished size is 8.5x11". Everything in it was here in my sewing room.

It may not look exactly like me, but I certainly feel like this some days. If you think of anything else that it needs, let me know. It makes me smile!!

Marilyn Rose


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

The self portrait is wonderful. What a great idea for the tiera, it certainly is a focus point. Amazing what one can find 'on the floor'.

Wendy said...

I love that you've combined two challenges! Gives me another idea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me to smile and have fun. I forget sometimes. I will look at my floor flotsam with a new eye.

Carole said...

Isn't this fun?
I just finished a 'proper' self portrait in a class by Pamela Allen [ it is on my blog]. The hardest part was where to start!! You did a great job with this one, good on ya' for taking it to this level with 'stuff' that you normally wouldn't use.