Saturday, March 08, 2008

Won't Forget Last Night

Somehow the thought of a magical evening brings to mind fireworks - and not the 4th of July kind.

My fireworks are all fused - my sewing machine did not like that, plus all of the quilting with metallic thread nearly sent me over the edge. My last thought was to bead heavily in sparkly beads, but decided to call it done and move on.


Jacque Davis said...

Great fireworks.... the quilting adds a lot of texture and movement it feels like a shimmery sky.

I need a smoke how about you?

: )


Kathy Angel Lee said...

Love the fireworks. I can almost hear the ohs and ahs of the crowd!

Cay Denise said...


The strip in the middle looks like it may be a sheer fiber over a background fabric. Is that right? You've done a nice job creating some texture with it through the quilting done in black thread!

Cay Denise