Tuesday, April 01, 2008


This piece is about 18" square. It was one of my first attempts at making an original art quilt about 4 years ago. It was moldering in a closet with some other "failed" attempts. I brought it out and attacked it with paint after reading "The Painted Quilt"by Laura and Linda Kemshall. I painted the leaf with two colors of metallic paints and the body of the quilt with some acrylics mixed with textile medium. It made the leaf and the quilting pop and greatly improved the quilt so that it is no longer bound for the trash. I will note that the painted areas are now pretty stiff so using the acrylics prior to quilting probably wouldn't make for a pleasant quilting experience.
Thanks for any comments. I'm snowed under with work for the next two months so won't get to comment like I usually do.


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Roberta, it is gorgeous. The leaf is a fantastic focal point.
Who'd of thought of using paint!

Wendy said...

Like I said on the yahoo board, I love this image and quilt... the paint just makes it sparkle! And it gave me some good ideas for another quilt I'm working on! The quilting is amazing!

Carole said...

Roberta, another WINNER!!
Sorry I haven't had a chance to comment sooner, but I also appreciated the info that followed to the group on this. Your pieces are always an inspiration to me.

Keep the challenge pieces coming!!