Saturday, May 31, 2008


I have posted my finished quilt Cityscape - I took two little building quilts I had done - but wasn't really happy with and cut them up for Cityscape - finished size is 26 x12 1/2. It's not quite done - still needs binding. I put on some borders to square it up.

Actually I've been doing this for a few other quilts as well - taking something that wasn't working and making it more fun.

In Sunny Seattle


Betty Donahue said...

What a difference. I like your finished piece a lot.

Joni said...

Your new Cityscape is alive and vibrant! You did a good job with this one. Glad you are having some sunshine in Seattle! Joni

Linda Cline said...

Those two quilts were made for each other. You found the perfect solution. Great job.

Jan J. said...

The beginning two with their bright colors were rather blah, but blending them into a more interesting cityscape and adding the blue, yellow and orange brought your city alive. I love it!