Thursday, May 01, 2008


I would have had this done sooner but I was waiting for TIF to post it's theme before decorating so that I could, hopefully, combine the two. It's theme was "What do you call yourself and Why".

Recycling is right up my alley. I recycle everything I can. The jeans were my Mom's. She would be very happy to know that I could use them. She was always a recycler - a lot of it by necessity.

The handle and belt are neckties.

The designs were done on the embroidery machine and the lettering is hand embroidery.



Cherie in Del Mar said...

Your bag is just so adorable Betty! The embroidery on the pockets is perfect, and I think the tie belt adds so much...Well done!

Cheryl said...

I don't know why I'm so crazy for bags, but I am. Maybe it's because they're so practical. What a good use for old jeans...especially with those back pockets already in place. Very nice.

Joni said...

I like your hand bag, the denim just begs for a touch of red to show it off. Very cute!

Carole said...

Betty, this is so adorable, you said they were your mom's... I am picturing a 'mom's' tush in that handbag, very flattering, very well done.
[Pardon my sense of humor].

Betty Donahue said...

That's o.k. Carole. She had a great sense of humor, too. She was thin. She was so proud one time because she was UP to 110 as I was struggling to get down to somewhere near there.