Friday, May 02, 2008

The Jean's Bag AKA "Cut-Off Legs"

I'm always cutting "off legs" for my family and just couldn't throw them out...maybe I can do something with them!!

I sewed the legs together using decorative stitches and verigated thread.

Bag lined with millenneum 2000 fabric (got to use it somewhere)...

Bag handle part of an old metal belt...

Bag closure..a plastic paper-clip.It closes over back and front...when opening: clip to back of bag.


Block printing with wooden blocks purchased at the IQA show in Chicago.

Two really old buttons given to me from my sister (Garage Sale Nut and Flea Market Fanatic) . She got them from a Flea Market or was it a Garage Sale??

An old doll pin I made many years ago.

Left-over beaded coins on the bottom of the bag.

If I had more time I guess I could add more embelishments!!I'm just happy to be on time. Janice Simpson

I've thought of other ideas for these "cut-off legs...marbel bags, crayon bags, camera bag,ect.ect.


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

A very ingenious project.

Carole said...

Janice, this is just as cute as can be........
what a good job of recycling!!